is a paywall to

Charge people to send you personalized video messages.

Whether you charge $2 to make sure people are contacting you deliberately or $300 to monetize your expertise, it's up to you.

How it works


Create an account

Create an account and create your own personal URL, where your audience will be able to send you messages through several tiers


Connect to Stripe

Through our platform connect easily with Stripe and input your bank account details, where you'll receive payment


Define your pricing

Define how much does it cost to contact you, topic limits, video length limits and more.


Start interacting

You're off! Share your link with your audience and start receiving messages

App screenshot


A new way to communicate gives you a personal mailbox through which people can contact you by making a video recording through the browser

You're in control

Personalize your landing page and set parameters like pricing, maximum video length and topics you're open to discussing

Transparent pricing

We charge a flat 10% fee for all transactions. All transactions are handled by Stripe

Completely secure

All videos are encrypted and visible only to you. We cannot access any communications you receive

EU Servers

All infrastructure is running on EU servers, which guarantees your privacy

Want your own video inbox?

We're currently running in a limited beta, and we'd love to onboard you as soon as possible